What I'm Doing Now

Setting Up This Website

Around 2017, I found out about blogging. A person having their own space on the internet, a little plot of land that one could own, sounded so cool to me. It still is. I’ve been blogging on free platforms for the past six years. 

Last week, I finally decided to get my own blog, and so I did. I’ve been spending most of my time setting up this site. 
I’ll tell you one thing, It ain’t easy to set up a blog even with no coding. 
I still haven’t fully planned out a content strategy, most likely I’ll be posting a long-form blog post weekly or bi-weekly. These articles will be researched or self-experimented content pieces. Other than long-form blog posts, I also intend to share mini-blog posts. They are not quite as in-depth or researched and could be a stream-of-consciousness or me sharing whatever happened that day.

Applying to Jobs

I graduated in March 2023 from the University of West London. I did my degree in international business management.
Currently, I’m applying to jobs to get into an entry-level position preferably in marketing. If you happen to hire or know someone who is in need of content writer /copywriter / strategist/digital marketer please consider me. Here’s my CV.

Learning Copywriting

With part to my interest in marketing, I did a few online certifications in addition to my degree to prop my qualification. One particular marketing related skill that my caught my attention was the skill of using the written word to persuade a target audience; copywriting. 
I’ve been reading a few books on copywriting and has got several more lined up to read. I want to put my writing chops into practice and make it the most valuable skill I have.

Last updated on 6th of September, 2023 from Colombo, Sri Lanka.

(This is a now page. If you have a website, you should make one, too. H/T to Derek Sivers.)

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