Aren’t You Buying The New [i]Phone?

Apple iPhone 15 Pro
Apple iPhone 15 Pro

Apple released its latest and greatest iPhone with a groundbreaking introduction of USB-C to their iPhone 15 lineup. (Don’t mention it was to comply with the EU to Apple)

So, should you buy it?

That depends.

What Does a Smartphone Do?

It’s everything. At its core, it connects with our families and friends, it’s social media, it’s media consumption, it’s shopping, it’s information, it’s paying our bills and for some, it’s about creating and making money.

The question you should ask is, what does it need to do for me? (Remember, a phone is just a tool)

What Your Phone Is Not…

Your phone is not a status symbol. Your phone is not something you show off. Your phone does not make you any better than others. Your phone definitely doesn’t give you any character.

Modern Phones and Their Life Span

Smartphones have come a long way from IBM’s SPC. Today, manufacturers will give security updates from 4-6 years to your phone. The build quality and resistance have also improved over time. It’s rare that your smartphone becomes unusable in 1-2 years unless you have dropped it.

So, Should You Buy It?

There’s no good reason anyone should upgrade their phones every year. I’m sure we are past that thought. Maybe 3-5 generations out of your current phone is quite reasonable, heck you could use your current phone for 6-11 years.

FYI, I’m currently using a Samsung Galaxy S22 (Base model with 8GB RAM and 256GB of storage) since November 2022 and I’m not going to look for a phone till at least November 2025.

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